Mt. Sentinel Student Services

Counselling Program Objectives:

School counsellors provide counselling, consultation, coordination and in-service. The focus of school counselling is upon enhancing the student’s development, assisting with the development of an enabling school culture and empowering students toward positive change.  School counsellors provide a continuum of preventative, developmental, remedial and intervention services and programs as well as facilitate referrals to community resources.

Counselling services may be individual or group and deal with personal, social, education and career aspects of the students' development.  In many cases school counsellors are involved
with preventative programs that are part of the school goals and directions.

School counsellors are key members of the School Based Team. Often the School Based team helps set the direction for programs, particularly preventative programs that match the school goals and directions.

How to Access Service:
     • students access service directly
     • parents may contact a counsellor directly
     • students may be referred to a counsellor by a classroom teacher and/or the School Based


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