Mt. Sentinel Student Services

 The Learning Resource Teacher (LRT)

The primary focus of the Learning Resource Teacher is to act as a “resource” to classroom-based teachers working to meet the academic, social/emotional, and behavioural needs of our diverse 21st century learners.  The Learning Resource Teacher acts to support the Classroom Teacher in their efforts to create environments that are flexible, reflective and responsive to student needs. 

In addition, the Learning Resource Teacher coordinates the Learning Support Program to assist with the effective implementation of Service Plans and Individual Education Programs (IEPs) for students with special education needs who are working toward one of two pathways to graduation: Dogwood (adapted program) or Evergreen Graduation (modified program). The Learning Resource Teachers also works toward supporting teachers in ensuring that all learners are working at a respectful and appropriate level of challenge based on their learning profile.

The four primary facets of the Learning Resource Teacher role include:

Collaboration and Communication

        ● Parents, teacher, student              
        ● School Based Team
        ● District Student Services staff                       
        ● Outside agencies (MCFD, Art Therapy, Freedom Quest, Community Living BC etc)
        ● IEP & Service Plan Case Management
        ● Grade Level/SBT/ISSM/Service Plan/IEP and ICM Meeting Facilitation
        ● Support Staff schedules based on needs assessment

Direct Service
        ● Coaching and advocacy role with students
Advocacy and support for staff
Support teaching – curriculum, instruction, assessment
Assist staff with developing, implementing, and monitoring behaviour management plans
Teaching – one-on-one, small group, whole class
Support professional develop for support staff
        ● Support the collaborative relationship between teachers and EA’s working in the classroom
Support and provide leadership regarding ongoing staff development to support inclusion
Support staff, students and parents in meeting the goals of our yearly growth plan


        ● site level based educational assessments
School and classroom based formative assessments
district based formative and summative assessments

        ● IEP and Service Plan development
        ● preparation of ministry required 1701 information (data collection for funding)
        ● support the preparation of class composition information regarding Bill 33 protocols


For additional information contact: 

Shellie Maloff
Learning Resource Teacher,
 or 250.359.7219 

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