Mt. Sentinel Student Services

 School Based Team (SBT)

Objectives and purpose:
     • The purpose of the school-based team is to act as a problem-solving group that supports 
     students and teachers
and accesses additional resources when needed.

     • The school-based team is supported by school staff, district staff and community agencies
     and service providers.

     • SBT becomes a central focus for case management, referrals and resource decisions based on the
     protocols established by provincial and district policies as well as the school's systems wide 
     approach program planning model

     • Effective school-based teams use a collaborative problem-solving approach by:
        - clarifying problems
        - brainstorming possible solutions
        - implementing strategies & ensuring strategies are implemented
        - monitor and report and progress
        - reassess and implement alternate strategies and resources if necessary

     • Team members, working together, bring: 
        - greater insight than can be generated by a single person
        - experience and encouragement
        - suggestions based on a variety of strengths
- direct services offered by professional

     • The school-based team that meets consistently includes:
        - Principal and Vice Principal
        - school Counsellors
        - Learning Resource Teacher

        and when necessary may extend to also involve:
        - classroom teacher(s)
        - Aboriginal Education Program teacher
        - teacher librarian
        - technology integration support teacher
        - paraprofessional(s)
        - specialized professionals (speech and language pathologist, school psychologist, etc.)
        - representatives from community agencies as needed (social worker from Ministry of      
       Children and Family Development, Freedom Quest, Art Therapist, etc.)

      • The team may also involve:
        - parents
        - the student, if appropriate


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