Mt. Sentinel Student Services

                                                             What is Distributed Learning?

Distributed Learning (DL) takes place when:
a student is primarily at a distance from the teacher,  
whether he/she is at home; or
connected to teachers from another learning facility.

DL gives students in British Columbia improved access, more choice, and flexibility to learn outside classroom schedules.  The vision for DL is to provide a quality, dynamic and engaging learning environment that all students in the province can access.    

How is Distributed Learning Supported?
Sentinel students in grade 10 to 12 have the opportunity to be enrolled and supported in one DL course per school year.  This DL course becomes part of the student’s regular schedule.  Students are required to attend the designated work area to be supported in meeting their learning goals and timelines.  While teachers at the Distributed Learning school are officially responsible for all student learning needs including academic support, assessment and grading, an Educational Assistant/
Program Facilitator and DL Support teacher at Mt. Sentinel are available to support students in working through immediate questions with the curriculum.

In exceptional situations, students may also consider enrolling in a DL course to be completed outside of their regular school day.  Ensuring course completion becomes the sole responsibility of the student and parent, progress is monitored by the School Based Team.

When would a student consider Distributed Learning?
Grade 10 to 12 students may consider Distributed Learning for the following reasons:

            to meet graduation requirements when course conflict(s) arise

            to complete a course that is not offered at Mt. Sentinel and is a post
             secondary program requirement

            to create flexibility in the student’s schedule

            to meet the learning needs of the student, due to extenuating circumstances

Students and/or parents would request a meeting with a school counsellor to discuss course options that best meet the student’s academic goals and learning plan.  The counsellor will then connect the student to the DL Teacher for official course enrolment and registration.

In extenuating circumstances, counsellors may work with the SBT to determine the most appropriate program plan.  Final approval by the school principal may be required to ensure the student is fully aware and prepared to successfully complete the course.

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