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 Understanding Adaptations and Modifications

Select HERE to understand the difference
between adapted instruction and curriculum and modified instruction and curriculum.




Select IMGAGE for a handbook designed to provide a brief overview of the learning charactersitics for students with learning and behaviour challenges as well as strategies to address their needs.  

Many of these strategies improve learning and classroom management for all students and particularly, students with learning challenges.  It is designed on the premise that behaviour is often the symptom of underlying difficulties.





Select HERE for adaptations strategy bank. 

Select HERE for Technology Tools that support adjudication and adaptations.   


Differentiated Instruction 
What is Differentiated Instruction?  The link provides a simple flow chart that is a concept map of effective Differentiated Instruction. It 'unpacks' the concept of differentiation by showing the key elements in the concept and relationships among those elements.

Interview with Carol Ann Tomlinson

Matching the best of what we know about the curriculum with the best of what we know about the learner.

Creativity In The Classroom - moving from "one size fits all" models of learning




 Left Brain vs Right Brain Thinking and Learning

Brain Games based on Multiple Intelligences - SELECT HERE

► Howard Gardner - Multiple Intelligences Theory-
      (there are 8 intelligences according to Gardner!)

► Sternberg's Three Intelligences - SELECT HERE 

► On-Line Inventory of Learning Style - SELECT HERE 


Special Connections
Connecting teachers to strategies that
help learners access curriculum.






















                Electronic Texts

Adaptation & Modification

Front Cover M.C. Gore

Successful Inclusion Strategies for Secondary and Middle School Teachers

Differentiated Instruction                     

Front Cover  Carol Ann Tomlinson

The Differentiated Classroom, Responding To The Needs of All Learners,

Front Cover  Carol Ann Tomlinson

►How To Differentiate In Mixed Ability Classrooms,

Front Cover  Melinda L. Fattig & Maureen
Tormay Taylor
Co-Teaching In the Differentiated Classroom


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